Why IBW 2016 is a must for Global Entrepreneurs

Israel is a global center of entrepreneurship and innovation. Each year Israel attracts hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign investment within a wide range of sectors. The large nature of this spending relates to the innovative focus and thought generated by Israeli entrepreneurs. StarTAU plays a role in helping connect elements within the Startup Nation to other global interworking’s.

This year in September StarTAU is helping to host International Business Week in Tel Aviv. From September 25th to the 29th IBW will bring together many key players within the Israeli ecosystem and our International friends. IBW is focused on helping the international community understand and expand their footprint in Israel.

These events provide valuable exposure to the Israeli ecosystem. Through attending DLD and IBW one has the opportunity to get intimate with the startup nation. DLD hosts a program that involves Israel’s best and brightest influencers and curators of technology. This is complimented by the overarching themes of innovation.

Innovation is everywhere in Israel, you cant escape it. Being a global looking company one has ample opportunities to grow from attending the likes of IBW and DLD. Being a Canadian who has had the opportunity of working within StarTAU this immense innovation has been painted vividly infront of me. Israeli entrepreneurs are cutting edge, both in creativity and execution.

This is a wonderful opportunity for International entrepreneurs to get insight into this atmosphere during IBW and DLD. Entrepreneurs throughout the globe share many similarities. Global entrepreneurial ecosystems are quickly growing and fostering outward thinking. Entrepreneurs can learn how to make a mark on the global stage as is prevalent with Israeli entrepreneurs. Furthermore this is an opportunity for international entrepreneurs to expand and build beyond the many current partnerships that exist between Israel and the world, specifically in terms of entrepreneurs.

Second to the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship, Tel Aviv is a world class city. Both to do business in and to experience cultural hub “Tech Aviv” is a paradise. We hope you are able to have time to experience the pristine white sand beaches, Mediterranean sun, world-class food, wine and entertainment.

We hope to see you in Tel Aviv in September!


Evan is a fourth year Commerce Student at the University of GUelph in Ontario, Canada. He works within StarTAU's International Relations Department in Tel Aviv

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